Agrifal was set up in 2013 by 42 experienced agricultural producers and is based in Platano Kissamos, in the Prefecture of Chania. Today, it employs over 60 members.
Four years after its establishment, the producers’ experience, organization and dedication to the vision of a successful company helped the annual production to be increased by 150%, exceeding 5,000,000 kg of horticultural products.
Producers’ agricultural exploitation is 350 acres. Agrifal’s main production activity includes mostly tomatoes and cucumbers as well as peppers and aubergines to a lesser extent. The greenhouse units are modern, metallic and several of them are equipped with cutting-edge means for the support of the crops (watering, heating, cooling systems, etc.).
Agrifal relies on three things that give it a competitive advantage in quality and price: a) the Agro 2.1 quality management system, Agro 2.2 and Globalgap, b) the reduction of agrochemicals throughout the production of agricultural products coupled with the reduction of nitrate fertilizers and c) its producers and executives’
constant training.
Last but not least, Agrifal’s successful track record lies in the expanded sales network in domestic retail chains and the selling of large quantities of products to international markets.