Group of Agricultural Producers Falasarna St. Kompogenitakis & CO



We are a group of agricultural producers in the southern part of Europe, in Greece. We are located in Platanos Kissamos, in Chania, Crete. Our group was founded in 2006. The GP “Falasarna” is a result of a small group of producers, who have the same concerns and visions. Who have as a goal the joint improvement of the production’s quality. Aiming at meeting the modern consumers needs.
The members of the group have invested in the building of modern premises, where the choosing, preparation and storage of the products are carried out safely fulfilling the international health regulations and food safety.
The GP “Falasarna” is a recognized group of producers and focuses on vegetable production and meets the requirements of quality standards GLOBAL GAP & AGRO. For the production of vegetables we use the most modern and environmentally friendly techniques to provide safe produce free of pesticides and chemical residues. Our products are delivered to the largest supermarket chains and all of the main vegetable markets in Greece. Today the members of the group are numbered around 200 hectares out of a total of 1,600 hectares of area in Platanos – Falassarna. Our members production is done exclusively in greenhouses.
Having the knowledge of years of experience and guidance by expects and taking into account the market signals, the tomato production was established as the main goods, with particular emphasis on categories such as Tomato Hope, Pilary, Torry, Belladonna, Bunch and Cherry (95% production). The programming of our planting and selection of hybrids are aimed at covering the needs of our cooperatives with high quality produce. The group taking into account the markets needs is able to produce other categories of vegetables. Such as cucumbers (5% of production). The entire production is accomplished by an integrated management system according to EU standards.
The members of the GP “Falasarna” fully meet the quality standards for the production of safe products free of pesticides residues, which respects the consumers and the environment. All the agricultural lands of the members of the group have been certified according to the authorities and the standard procedures of GLOBALGAP. The group’s products are distinguished for their high quality, the integrity, freshness, cleanliness, proper packaging and good formation.
The group has invested in a high-tech sorting machine which separates the product according to the weight, colour and volume in order tho achieve uniformity of the final product. The sorting machine is able to choose and pack up to 10 tons an hour. Regarding the Tomato Bunch, sorting and packaging is done by qualified personnel with continuous monitoring of the quality manager. The final product is divided into quality classes: Extra, Class Ι and Class ΙΙ. The packaging is in cardboard boxes, environmentally friendly, with two rows up to 10kg each. There is also the possibility to pack in plastic bags until 10-12kg each. They are then stacked on wooden pallets. The transportation of the products must be transported safely and for this reason the group cooperate with reliable transport companies.
For six years the Group of Producers of Agricultural Products “Falasarna” has specified in providing high quality traditional Greek Tomatoes to concumers from all over Greece. Our goal is to become a benchmark for Greek Tomatoes and we take pride in providing the highest quality tomato.