IKE Falassarna



The IKE Falassarna was founded in 2013 by 55 expert producers whose goal is the better organisation and the effective commercial management of their production. The production is mainly tomatoes, cucumbers but also peppers and egg plants.
The main goal and vision is the undivided progress of the company with axis being the enlargement, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality of the its products which have been acknowledged as worthy in the domestic market. The members of the group have been participating and assisting the group in investment and development projects. At the same time the group is conducting promotional activities to European countries.
This effort has received universal support of most organized producers in the region resulting in initial production of 4,500 tons with an ever increasing rate. The total of producer’s farm land which is being cultivated exceeds 250 acres. The greenhouses are modern and made out of metal frames. Many of which are equipped with sophisticated means of supporting crops (integrated fertigation systems, heating systems, cooling systems, etc.).
The products are of high quality standards because they are grown using integrated management according to international quality and safety standards while drastically decreasing the use of agrochemical formulations whch have achieved a considerable degree of environmental protection.
The IKE Falassarna implements in cooperation with the MODUS DCS Integrated Management System, specific standards Agro 2.1 – 2.2 and Glopal Gap as part of an alternative conventional, environmentally friendly production methods. Whereby the producer follows common rules in cultivation, the protection of employees and the protection of the environment.