Agricultural Cooperative Of Platanos



The Agricultural Cooperative of Platanos was established by the combination of the Credit Cooperative of Platanos and Olive Oil Cooperative of Platanos 1984.
The Credit Cooperative was established in the 1930s. Testimonies and memories of the activity of the pre-1940 period do not exist. It developed important economic activity through the Agricultural Bank during the period of reconstruction of the country after the war and the Civil War until the 1980s.
It offered loans for the needs of the crop producers and the marketing mainly of fertilizers.
The Olive Oil Cooperative was established in 1948.
Along with the construction of the mill one of the most important projects for Platanos village was completed and that was bringing the water supply to the village and for the needs of the mill. The building was entirely made of stone.
The Agricultural Cooperative of Platanos continued being very important for the local community, presence of the previous two cooperatives.
The builiding for the marketing of Agricultural Supplies for the producers was built in 1983.
The marketing of supplies was initially through the Union of Agricultural Cooperative of Kissamos. In 1990 it became autonomous on trading by hiring an agronomist.
In 1993 stainless steel tanks were placed in the mill of the cooperative and in 1996 a new separator (decanter) and mixers were purchased. In 2012 a second separator was added.
In 2004 a new storage building was built for the agricultural supplies and offices of the cooperative.
In 2007 a modern building was built in the area for the packaging of its produce. It has standardization lines for tomatoes and cucumbers, refrigerators, cartons and packaging production machines and contemporary software systems. The Packaging and Olive Oil Cooperative is certified with ISO 2200.
The Agricultural Cooperation of Platanos continues its efforts to improve its produce.