Falassarna Private Cruises



In the north western part of Crete lies the island of Gramvousa and the world famous Balos Beach. Well known for its natural beauty and uniqueness. No words can describe this heavenly beauty precisely. You will be left spellbound by the enchanting view. Indulge yourself in front of this unusual wild natural environment.
From May to October you can travel safely in our speedboat “Nymphi Falassarna” and we guarantee you a unique experience tailored to your desire!
A day cruise or in the evening before the glorious sunset? A cruise to relax? A cruise to make your own special day with multiple experiences or a cruise to celebrate a special occasion!
From the Beach of Falassarna till the Lagoon of Balos enjoy the private coves alternating with turquoise water with steep rocks which “dive” into the sea. We invite you to experience the wildest and most spectacular coastline of western Crete and enrich your senses enjoying the cruise of your dreams!!!