Frutolachaniki Kritis



The application of modern methods of cultivation and production of agricultural products are used to meet the needs of todays market, which is the increased demand for quality traditional products and health food products.
Our family has been active in the production of agricultural products since 1968 always applying modern methods of production. We entered the fruit and vegetable market in 1997 aiming for not only the best quality but also to ensure the lowest prices. We obtain our products from our own cultivated greenhouses which are located in Platanos (Falassarna) and in Elafonisi Crete, which have the ideal climate for producing horticulture products 360 days a year.
We also co-operate with producers from all over Crete, who apply integrated management systems in their cultivations. Our goods are standardized and then sent to greek markets and markets abroad from our packaging department that has ISO 22000.
The packaging equipment consists of:
-Electric calibration line for tomatoes with selection by volume, weight and colour
-Electric weigher and packer for cucumbers
-Oven which cuts, sticks and shrinks packaging for cucumbers
-Automatic weighing machine (stretch film)
-Two automatic packaging machines – Sorma
-Cooling chambers with a capacity of 90 tons
-Ten refridgerator trucks for the transportation of goods.
Our duty is to make sure that the reception and storage of our goods which we sell comply with the regulations of good hygiene practice and we invest in informing and training our staff according to the ISO system.
Our clients are the largest chain-store Super Markets and businesses operating in wholesale and retail marketing of fruit and vegetables throughout Greece.